Video games

  1. 2. Variants of this game are Modern Warfare and Black Ops
  2. 4. It's a game for Nintendo Switch, but it's also a sign you see when your driving and you don't want to run over any wildlife in the road.
  3. 7. "Sandbox" style video game with a lot of 90ยบ angles.
  4. 8. A soccer video game that's been coming out with a yearly version since 1995!
  5. 10. Don't get popped with a red shell while driving in this game! (The first version came out when I was 6! WHAT?)
  6. 12. Little plumber dressed in red, kicking King Koopa.
  7. 13. Try to clear the screen with shapes that are each made of 4 blocks
  1. 1. In "SNES," it's what the "E" stands for
  2. 3. Lara Croft is the main character
  3. 5. Mario's sidekick.
  4. 6. Little yellow circle man who eats fruit and runs from ghosts
  5. 9. This game's name means "a two-week period", a portmanteau of "fourteen nights"
  6. 11. Hedgehog who likes gold rings
  7. 13. In GTA, it's the T.