Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzle Set 04

  1. 6. Since a ______ was used during the medical procedure, the young man's life was spared but not his leg.
  2. 7. If the enemy is allowed to breach the ______ of the castle, the kingdom will surely fall.
  3. 8. The cashier failed to ______ the sale because the customer's credit card was declined.
  4. 10. Once the logging company finished the order, the workers would pile the ______ into a truck headed for the paper mill.
  1. 1. During the hurricane, several rescue groups received a ______ to help evacuate the city.
  2. 2. The accountant began his ______ of index points and percent changes, hoping he would finish his calculations before lunch.
  3. 3. It would be unwise of you to ______ your doctor's medical suggestions and stop taking your prescriptions.
  4. 4. Most strains of the bacteria are ______, but some can cause serious food poisoning.
  5. 5. Her husband felt the need to ______ her as she assembled the bookshelf for their son's room.
  6. 9. ______ in her duties, the waitress forgot to take water to her tables.