Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzle Set 08

  1. 2. accepted; embraced (e.g. The man's in-laws ______ him into their family, as they were glad to have a new son-in-law.)
  2. 4. the feeling of intense dislike and a lack of respect for someone/something (e.g. Because Abby came from a wealthy family, it was not surprising she looked at homeless people with ______.)
  3. 7. a worker of a lord who is working off his debt in return for safety from the lord (e.g. When the ______ took an oath from the lord of the manor, he knew that his employer would require him to tend to the fields until his obligation was met.)
  4. 8. the chemical reactions which cause fat cells and/or calories to burn (e.g. Jan can eat anything without gaining weight because of her fast ______.)
  5. 10. an imposing building that is rather large (e.g. As I stared at the gigantic ______, I knew I would get lost once I entered the largest mall in the country.)
  1. 1. the way in which one carries oneself (e.g. The homeless woman always held her head high and walked with the ______ of a princess.)
  2. 3. containing sensible moisture (usually describing air or atmosphere) (e.g. Summers on the east coast of the United States are much more ______ than summers on the west coast.)
  3. 5. move forward slowly because of exhaustion (e.g. Despite three days without food or rest, the weary soldiers continue to ______ over the battlefield.)
  4. 6. a huge quantity of firings that occur rapidly (e.g. During the police interrogation, I felt as though the detectives attacked me with a ______ of questions.)
  5. 9. to ride on waves while standing on a special board (e.g. I am excited to visit Malibu, California and take ______ lessons to learn how to ride the waves.)