Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzle Set 09

  1. 2. to examine, finish or halt something (e.g. After realizing that the newly hired butler had a background in stealing, the rich homeowner put the ______ on his employment immediately.)
  2. 6. negative in outlook (e.g. Because Helen has a ______ attitude, she never believes anything good will happen to her.)
  3. 8. having a wide range or extent of effect or influence (e.g. The company has an ______ built network of cell phone towers to help them provide their service to as many people as possible.)
  4. 10. any one of the five digits at the end of the human foot (e.g. I was walking around my house barefooted and I accidentally rammed my little ______ into the leg of my kitchen table.)
  1. 1. a single gem set in a piece of jewelry (e.g. The bride's engagement ring had a single, ______ diamond that was striking at first glance.)
  2. 3. very strongly, in an extreme way (e.g. Staring ______ at the mirror, the woman couldn't figure out how she'd managed to put on so much weight.)
  3. 4. to be of advantage or use (e.g. Stranded in the desert, Jake tried to restart his car but to no ______.)
  4. 5. to prove that someone is not guilty of a crime or responsible for a problem, bad situation, etc. (e.g. The job of the defense attorney is to ______ his clients and keep them out of jail.)
  5. 7. indulgent; luxurious (e.g. The ______ prince spared no expense, always splurging on luxurious things like camels and jewels.)
  6. 9. the practice of obtaining money from someone through force, threats, or abuse of power (e.g. The criminal committed ______ when he threatened to hurt the victim's family if she didn't give him money.)