Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzle Set 13

  1. 3. incapable of thinking in a clear manner (e.g. Because my grandmother is in her mid-nineties, she is a bit ______ at times and requires the aid of a personal caregiver.)
  2. 6. a jester, usually dressing in white and black, that behaves in a silly way and makes people laugh (e.g. The ______ entertained the king's table with his silent but interesting magical and comedy acts.)
  3. 7. an individual who supports the policies of socialism (e.g. A ______ is a person who favors the principles of socialism in government.)
  4. 9. to cause to depart or be broken apart (e.g. The flowers from my husband do not ______ the fact I believe he is cheating on me.)
  5. 10. namely; to be specific (e.g. There are several colors in my comforter, blue and red, ______.)
  1. 1. a soaring but slender structure (e.g. With the clock ______ in the middle of the town square, everyone would have to look up the brick thin building to the sky to see the time.)
  2. 2. perfect; model (e.g. The ______ environment for the polar bear is somewhere with cold temperatures and plentiful amounts of ice.)
  3. 4. a final or unchangeable condition (e.g. I could not stop crying when I realized graduation was the ______ of my high school life.)
  4. 5. untidy or muddled (e.g. With so many lies and unbelievable stories during the election, many ______ people couldn't figure out who to vote for.)
  5. 8. a thin rod or stick with a pointed end (e.g. The ______ on the record player dropped down and the needle skimmed the surface of the disc.)