Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzle Set 20

  1. 3. a tight article of clothing for the foot resembling a sock usually made of nylon or cotton (e.g. While the older lady walked down the street, her ______ rolled down her leg exposing the scar on her ankle.)
  2. 5. the individuals who frequent a certain business (e.g. The strip club's ______ includes a number of politicians and wealthy business owners.)
  3. 6. under the influence or protection of a specific individual, body, or government (e.g. As a young salesman, Stan worked under the ______ of his father who emphasized the value of treating customers fairly.)
  4. 8. the ability to continue on with something in spite of difficulty or opposition (e.g. His ______ at practicing paid off when he made every free throw shot during the game.)
  5. 10. to increase in size or enlarge (e.g. In order to ______ the master bedroom, the owner tore through a wall to combine the bedroom and a bonus room.)
  1. 1. to seize without having the right to do so (e.g. The gang is trying to ______ the public park and turn it into their private meeting space.)
  2. 2. desired, wanted (e.g. After having a child with Down syndrome, they ______ out a doctor for his research on mental disorders.)
  3. 4. capable of being comprehended (e.g. Because the intoxicated man slurred his words, his speech was far from ______.)
  4. 7. wrinkled and withered (e.g. After sitting in the sun, the once juicy and round grapes are now dry and ______.)
  5. 9. an opening that allows air, gas, or liquid to pass out of or into a confined space (e.g. A ______ at the top of the chimney allows smoky air to escape and fresh air to enter the home.)