Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzle Set 21

  1. 3. a picture of a long scene or place (e.g. Hot air balloon tours allow risk-takers to see a ______ of the city below while being thousands of feet up in the air.)
  2. 5. the act of something happening unexpectedly or rapidly (e.g. With the ______ of the snowstorm, the kids were sent home from school before the hour was over.)
  3. 8. the following or carrying out of a plan (e.g. Though her parents though she should be a doctor, the sculptor decided to continue with her ______ of an art degree.)
  4. 9. a person who displays irrational or idiotic behaviors (e.g. As the ______ was spouting gibberish to himself as he walked down the street, many pedestrians avoided him as much as possible.)
  5. 10. lack of respect for God (e.g. Speaking with ______ of holy things was a crime in the city-state, but few were ever prosecuted.)
  1. 1. something that persuades someone to do something (e.g. As an incentive for the workers, the company offered an ______ to encourage them to remain accident free.)
  2. 2. not a single one (e.g. Unfortunately, ______ a restaurant was open at two o'clock in the morning.)
  3. 4. an arranged meeting that is often held in secrecy (e.g. The detective is going to try and catch the lovers during their intimate ______.)
  4. 6. having supreme power and influence (e.g. The president has been able to assert his ultimate ______ over the prime minister.)
  5. 7. the act of drugging or incapacitating in order to calm (e.g. The doctors were forced to ______ the hysterical woman before she her herself.)