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  1. 3. Yellowisch and looking unhealthy
  2. 5. Having or showing a strict regard for what one considers right; principled
  3. 8. To settle oneself securely or comfortably
  4. 12. Serious in intention, purpose, or effort; sincerely zealous
  5. 13. A widow who holds a title or property derived from her deceased husband
  6. 14. Descriptions, memories, etc. that produce very clear, powerful, and detailed images in the mind (adj.)
  7. 15. Economical management; economy; frugality
  8. 18. Almost out of control because of extreme emotion, such as worry
  9. 19. To be silent and refuse to smile or be pleasant to people because you are angry about something that they have done
  10. 20. Showing that you find a bad or difficult situation slightly funny
  1. 1. A two-wheeled carriage pulled by a horse, used like a taxi in the past
  2. 2. To assign great social importance to
  3. 4. Disposed to fight; pugnacious
  4. 6. A speech or piece of writing that praises someone very much and does not mention anything bad about them
  5. 7. Moved to or showing sudden, impatient irritation, especially over some trifling annoyance
  6. 9. To change something, usually slightly, or to cause the characteristics of something to change
  7. 10. The quality of being honest and telling the truth, especially about a difficult or embarrassing subject
  8. 11. A sudden wish or idea, especially one that cannot be reasonably explained
  9. 16. Dishonest talk, writing, or behaviour that is intended to deceive people
  10. 17. Of delicate beauty; exquisite