Waters of the Finger Lakes

  1. 3. At Seneca Lake State Park in Geneva, this play feature is the first of its kind in the NYS Park System
  2. 6. This lake isn't really a Finger Lake, but has an interesting feature in that it is dimictic - turning over top to bottom twice a day.
  3. 12. type of Finger Lakes fishing that takes an auger and a tent for best comfort
  4. 14. It's a GREAT Lake
  5. 16. This is the type of "spot" that Canandaigua Lake is.
  6. 18. The direction that the water flows in the Finger Lakes
  7. 21. this multi-use trail connects Keuka Lake and Seneca Lake along what used to be a canal
  8. 22. This college (initials) is in charge of a Field Station on Honeoye Lake to check water, fish and wildlife quality on the lake
  9. 24. the name of the National Wildlife Refuge located on "swampy land" between Seneca Falls and Auburn, NY
  10. 27. This lake is mostly likely to freeze because it's average depth is just 30 feet
  11. 28. Its twin is Waneta. These lakes drain south, not north like the rest of the lakes
  12. 29. 10,000 years ago these carved out the Finger Lakes
  13. 30. The longest of the Finger Lakes
  14. 33. cottagers and homeowners on Skaneateles Lake get this delivered by boat
  15. 34. This trail runs along Lake Ontario and is a National Scenic Byway
  16. 36. Wh-y is it shaped this way? Perhaps only one like it in the U.S.
  17. 37. You can see this sport being practiced by Hobart and William Smith Colleges on Seneca Lake and Cornell on Cayuga Lake
  18. 38. Lake Ontario park name for its large clay spires at the water's edge
  1. 1. Clifton is its first name; sulphur water is its reputed healing water. Dr. Foster built his hospital here because of those waters.
  2. 2. this lake is 4x saltier than the other Finger Lakes and has been harvested for salt over the years
  3. 4. Many of this fruitbearing vine line the hills of the Finger Lakes
  4. 5. the three letters for the New York State agency which oversees many of our water features
  5. 7. this lake is the water supply for the City of Rochester and is shared between Ontario and Livingston County
  6. 8. number of major and minor Finger Lakes
  7. 9. What visitors do aboard the double decker Canandaigua Lady
  8. 10. there are rainbow, brown, and lake in our fresh water
  9. 11. Can you spell Taughannock? One of the highest in the Finger Lakes
  10. 13. Legend folks "hear" beating drums at night from this lake
  11. 15. This river is 46 miles long and connects the states of New York and Pennsylvania
  12. 17. This waterway crosses NYS, and was conceived in a Canandaigua Debtors Prison (2 words)
  13. 19. A waterpark and a wake board park in Canandaigua; actually on Muar Lake for all ages to play your day away
  14. 20. nickname for Finger Lakes
  15. 23. This lake has an island in it, renowned for its Native American name
  16. 25. Merry-Go-Round Theatre is located on this lake
  17. 26. It's spelled like this: Skaneateles, but it's pronounced as "......"atlas
  18. 31. It's a river and a brewery (Cream Ale)
  19. 32. The Native Americans called it "long lake", but it's actually the smallest of the Finger Lakes at just 4 miles.
  20. 35. The most westward of the Finger Lakes
  21. 39. Seneca Lake Sonar Test Facility is located where the lake is deepest and is managed by this branch of the military