We Miss You, Broadway

  1. 5. R&B group of "Ain't Too Proud," starting with "The"
  2. 6. Romeo is to Tony as Juliet is to _____
  3. 7. This musical just announced it will premiere on Netflix before it opens on Broadway
  4. 9. Tracy Letts's new play is about 90 of these
  5. 12. Adrienne who played Tina Turner on Broadway
  6. 13. The color of Broadway's Moulin (en fran├žais)
  7. 16. He has a genie and a magic carpet
  8. 17. Spector who has haunted Broadway for over 30 years, starting with "The"
  9. 19. Broadway's Alexander Hamilton says he won't throw his away
  10. 21. Some of the high schoolers in this musical are the opposite of nice
  11. 23. Where some on Broadway might come from?
  12. 24. It's not easy being green in this musical
  1. 1. Last name of a nanny who might have you at "Hellooooo"
  2. 2. Ben who won a Tony for "Dear Evan Hansen"
  3. 3. Last name of brothers whose firm went bankrupt in 2008 and who are the subject of a "Trilogy"
  4. 4. Nobel Prize-winning songwriter of "Girl From the North Country"
  5. 8. You oughta know the first name of this Broadway Morissette
  6. 9. Multiple Tony winner "The Book of _____"
  7. 10. This lion cub has roared on Broadway for over 20 years
  8. 11. Scout and Jem have this avian last name in "To Kill a Mockingbird"
  9. 14. In "Chicago," when you're good to her, she's good to you
  10. 15. Writer Beatrix or wizard Harry
  11. 18. The new production of this Sondheim musical changes the main character from Bobby to Bobbie
  12. 20. This musical takes place "way down under the ground"
  13. 22. 3 x 2