Weather and Climate Crossword

  1. 5. clouds that develop as a consequence of the updraft in convection currents; they resemble huge puffs of cotton floating in the sky
  2. 6. Weather _____ is the prediction of what the atmosphere will be like in a particular place by using technology and scientific knowledge to make weather observations.
  3. 10. Climate _____ is a long term change in the earth’s climate, especially a change due to an increase in average atmospheric temperature.
  4. 11. A _____ is a long-term movement in a series of data points.
  5. 12. low clouds that occur as a uniform gray layer stretching from horizon to horizon; they may produce drizzle, and where they intersect the ground, they are classified as fog
  6. 13. _____ study graphs to identify trends in weather patterns.
  7. 15. _____ Meteorologist is an individual that studies optical, electrical, acoustical and thermodynamic phenomena in the atmosphere, including the physics of clouds and precipitation.
  1. 1. _____ use symbols on surface weather maps to convey information about weather observations at a particular time.
  2. 2. _____ Meteorologist is an individual that studies more specific areas of weather like severe weather or climate change.
  3. 3. _____ Katrina first made landfall in Louisiana on August 29, 2005, as a Category 3 storm.
  4. 4. _____ Climatology is the study of climate as to its effect on crops.
  5. 7. _____ generally refers to conditions that span months, years, or even decades.
  6. 8. Remote _____ is the collection of information about an object without being in direct physical contact with it, gathering data with radar or infrared photography.
  7. 9. high thin cloud occurring as silky strands and composed of ice crystals
  8. 13. _____ can indicate good weather or bad weather, can offer relief from direct sunlight, and even provide precipitation.
  9. 14. _____ generally describes the atmosphere during short time frames like hours or days.