What did you learn in your short course?

  1. 3. What we do with the hive tool to separate the hive boxes
  2. 6. The Frida Kahlo feature of drone bees
  3. 8. the dance that bees do in the dark
  4. 10. the pollen basket on the bee's back leg
  5. 12. Metal tool that keeps the bees calm
  6. 13. what our bees need us to put on the hive in some winters so that they will make it through until spring
  7. 16. Hooks that connect the two wings of the bee
  8. 19. opening a beehive to see how it is doing
  1. 1. the structure that holds the beeswax
  2. 2. the sticky stuff that bees use to glue hive boxes together
  3. 4. made from pollen to feed larvae (two words, no space)
  4. 5. stands on end in a honey comb cell
  5. 7. what we hope the bees don't do in the spring
  6. 9. the equivalent of the bee's nose
  7. 11. Honey that is above 18.6 percent moisture
  8. 14. what we try to avoid in the beehive
  9. 15. mother of all the bees in the hive
  10. 17. protects the beekeeper's eyes
  11. 18. what drone experiences in the act of mating
  12. 20. olden days structure to keep bees in