Word Power | Mark Twain's First Appearance

  1. 2. An ______ is a short, amusing account of something that has happened.
  2. 4. If someone does something in an ______ way, they pay great attention to what they are doing.
  3. 5. An ______ person is well-known and respected, especially because they are good at their profession.
  4. 8. An ______ action is one that you do without planning or organizing it in advance.
  5. 9. If you are ______d by someone or something, they make you feel respectful and amazed, though often rather frightened.
  1. 1. If you ______ someone into doing something, you get them to do it after persuading them for some time.
  2. 2. Something that is ______ causes you to feel great physical or mental pain.
  3. 3. A ______ is a handwritten or typed document, especially a writer's first version of a book before it is published.
  4. 6. To ______ something, or to ______ that something happens, means to make certain that it happens.
  5. 7. A ______ person is able to understand and judge a situation quickly and to use this understanding to their own advantage.