www.fantasticfridges.com Cooling Science 1

  1. 4. We use these to test a theory
  2. 7. This helps us to push air into a tyre using a pump
  3. 8. Boiling at a particular pressure is known as evaporation or this
  4. 10. Everything around us is made up of tiny...
  5. 12. As volume goes down, pressure goes up, according to this scientist
  6. 13. -----, liquid or gas
  7. 14. We measure this to know if something is getting hotter or cooler
  8. 15. When a substances goes straight from a solid to a gas
  1. 1. The rules that explain the behaviour of gases are called this (two words)
  2. 2. This keeps you cool (two words)
  3. 3. People who invent, design and make things work using scientific princples
  4. 5. Opposite of contraction
  5. 6. As temperature goes up, volume goes up according to this scientist
  6. 8. The fins on the back of a fridge that help to dissipate heat through natural
  7. 9. A compressor ----- refrigerant around the circuit
  8. 11. Implement used to measure pressure