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  1. 1. The amount of energy (or heat) a mass of substance holds (begins with E)
  2. 3. The 1st law of physics "Energy cannot be created or ---------
  3. 4. Common name for NH3
  4. 9. This cycle states that maximum efficiency of a heat engine depends on its input and output temperature
  5. 10. The name for heat added to melt ice or boil the fluid
  6. 11. The name for heat added to raise the temperature of a boiling fluid
  7. 12. Most mechanical cooling systems are based on the Vapour ----------- Cyle
  1. 2. The study of heat movement
  2. 5. The lowest theoretical temperature is known as -------- Zero-
  3. 6. Unit of measurement of energy
  4. 7. The absolute temperature scale
  5. 8. This curve defines the boundary of pure liquid and pure gas or vapour on a chart
  6. 9. A method of heat transfer. Usually through a solid material.