1. 1. It's a group of friends who make football videos and challenges
  2. 3. He is another "piscinero" he does vlogs
  3. 6. Youtuber that started in 2010 has two channels the main one where it raises fortnite and the secondary one where it raises minecraft and other games
  4. 8. It is a channel that makes videos of fails that happen to fortnite
  5. 10. It is a youtuber that before rose cod and now it rises fortnite and it has almost 4 million
  6. 11. Youtuber that has more than 25 million subscribers and is a friend of willyrex
  7. 14. It's a youtuber who has recently reached the million
  8. 15. He is a youtuber who makes fifa videos and they say DJpalos
  9. 16. Member of the sachichon squadron and makes videos of fortnite
  10. 17. This youtuber lives in GavĂ  and does vlogs and video games and he have a brother
  11. 18. Youtuber most famous in Spain who upload video games and vlogs
  12. 19. He is a "piscinero" who does vlogs and has almost 5 million
  1. 2. It's a youtuber that recently reached 10 million and is a member of the salchichron squadron and raises fortnite
  2. 4. It's a youtuber that makes vlogs and videos of fortnite and is the creator of Heretics
  3. 5. This youtuber only raises vlogs and it's almost 3 million
  4. 7. He is a youtuber who plays Fortniite and is now making a series with friends called Karmaland
  5. 8. He is an English youtuber and recently won the fortnite world cup
  6. 9. He is a youtuber who lives with 2 friends his who are also youtubers and they tell him "piscineros"
  7. 12. He is an English youtuber who plays fortnite and he is very crazy
  8. 13. It's a song channel and he does the songs and rappers sing