Y&R Cheaters Crossword

  1. 3. Guys that Katherine had sex with while she was married to Phillip (two words).
  2. 5. Scandalous book author who never had an affair.
  3. 9. Chris left Paul after he cheated with this crazy woman.
  4. 12. The real name of Rex, who married Jill while he was still married to Katherine.
  5. 13. She was the product of Nikki's cheating on her husband, Kevin.
  6. 15. He cheated with his father's new wife.
  7. 16. He's slept with several of his brother's wives.
  8. 19. Tucker cheated on Ashley with this woman years ago.
  9. 21. On soaps, this is often considered cheating as well as having sex.
  10. 22. Being jilted by Victor after aborting his baby caused her to do this (2 words).
  11. 24. He cheated on Victoria with Ashley.
  12. 25. Billy exposed her publicly at their wedding for cheating on him with Gabe.
  1. 1. Jill cheated with him while she was married to his father.
  2. 2. He cheated on Victoria with Nina.
  3. 4. She cheated with Nate, and then he cheated on her.
  4. 6. Cane cheated on Lily while she was at this place.
  5. 7. She cheated on Victor with Jack, Bobby and David.
  6. 8. He cheated on wife Lorie with sister Leslie.
  7. 10. Product of Jennifer Brooks' affair while she was married to Stuart.
  8. 11. Victoria cheated on JT with him after JT kissed Colleen.
  9. 13. He cheated on the love of his life with Ashley.
  10. 14. She cheated on Chance.
  11. 15. Sharon cheated on Nick with him, and then with Cameron while drunk.
  12. 17. Phyllis did this to Danny to make him think he cheated.
  13. 18. He cheated on Katherine with Jill.
  14. 20. After Cassie died, Nick cheated on Sharon with her.
  15. 23. Kyle cheated on Summer with her after feeling betrayed.