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2015 Weston Family Crossword Puzzle www.wildwestons.com

  1. 2. Daily stretching with...
  2. 4. Essential daily activity in which we engage to to express gratitude and converse with our Creator
  3. 6. Still making weekly trips to this gem in our community
  4. 7. Our favorite homemade, fermented probiotic drink
  5. 9. Name of newest member of our extended family born in May
  6. 15. Abe’s foot’s nemesis
  7. 17. We ____ you!
  8. 18. Merry...
  9. 19. New fall family favorite fruit we’re growing in our own backyard
  10. 20. Kids spent the summer training on the Highlands Sharks ____ team
  11. 21. Simplify Christmas--celebrate...
  12. 23. Kids are learning to play this instrument
  13. 25. We all scream for...
  1. 1. Kids sing weekly in this East Bay Homeschool music group
  2. 3. Best way to feel gratitude is through...
  3. 5. Kids’ favorite class this year
  4. 8. Instead of material gifts for the holidays, we’re striving to make memories through...
  5. 10. 4,800 foot, High Sierra smooth granite summit Janine and the kids hiked in September
  6. 11. Abe’s new employer
  7. 12. Have a...
  8. 13. One of the seven wonders of the world and national park we visited over spring break
  9. 14. Outdoor activity on which our family took an 8-week, experiential class offered by the Loma Preita Chapter of the Sierra Club
  10. 16. Both girls performed as Whos in this amazing musical last January
  11. 22. Favorite family scout camp in Willits, CA
  12. 24. Name of the female, yellow, Labrador Retriever Guide Dog puppy we are currently raising