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The Office Blitz

  1. 2. Michael fell asleep at his desk after eating a _______ ___ ___, allowing the office to move the clocks forward and leave work early.
  2. 3. The name of the candle scent Jan had Jim smell at her and Michael's dinner party?
  3. 5. Dinner location for Michael and Donna in the Poconos
  4. 7. Which client found five golden tickets?
  5. 8. Who did Dwight say had abducted David Wallace's son when on the phone with the CFO's receptionist?
  6. 10. Hank's signature song
  7. 14. Michael asks Oscar about what he should expect in terms of "sensation" before going in for what routine procedure?
  8. 15. "If it was an iPod, it would be a _______."
  9. 16. Meredith was getting Outback steakhouse giftcards and discounted supplies for "meetups" with Bruce. What company was Bruce a rep for?
  10. 20. Michael spread a lot rumors in the Season 6 premiere. He told everyone that Dwight used _____ ______ ______.
  11. 21. At the company picnic, Michael wanted to tell Holly that they were ____ ______.
  12. 22. The worst sandwich at Alfredo's
  13. 27. Michael had a dream about a sandwich made of peanut butter and ________.
  14. 31. "If I can't _____, then what's this all been about?"
  15. 32. Andy's signature song while a part of Here Comes Treble.
  16. 33. "The ___ will wait for no one!"
  17. 35. Michael's disguise to eavesdrop on Jim and David Wallace?
  18. 36. In what galaxy did Dwight say Pam's painting of the office must be located?
  19. 38. "I thought this was a free country. I didn't know we were in communist ______."
  20. 39. Jim and Pam lived on Linden Ave. by the ______.
  21. 42. Charles appointed Stanley his ____________ ____ while in charge of the office.
  22. 43. What male celebrity did Andy say might make him question if he was straight during a conversation with Oscar?
  23. 44. Who did Michael plagiarize in his birthday poem to Helene?
  24. 45. Everyone gets to know each other in the pot, yes, but the real trick to Kevin's chili is to undercook the ______.
  25. 47. Dwight asks Mr. Schofield, "How's your ___ ___?"
  26. 48. On Day 1 of the Michael Scott Paper Company, Michael made breakfast for Pam. What did he cook?
  27. 51. The name of Andy's sailor statue after being 'bobble-ized' by Dwight
  28. 52. What was Charles Miner's previous company (and wife's name, according to Michael)?
  29. 53. Stanley's mistress
  30. 56. Michael's idea for a fancy shoe store
  31. 57. "I thought ___________ was a boy's name?"
  32. 58. Who did Michael ask David Wallace if he should hire as salaried employees before his 15th Anniversary party?
  33. 59. The major 2011 world event Meredith skipped her sister's funeral to attend
  34. 60. Meredith said she'd have whatever was fanciest to eat at Pam's wedding, unless there was what?
  35. 61. What Dunder Mifflin branch's employees found out they were out of a job at the company picnic?
  36. 62. What was the name of the wrong class Pam sat in on in art school?
  1. 1. Dwight's grandfather used secret massage techniques on this horse that Dwight adapted to use on Phyllis after she hurt her back.
  2. 4. Michael Scott Paper Company motivational cheer: "One, two, three, ____ ___ _____!"
  3. 6. What did Creed give Michael to inaugurate Cafe Disco that he'd previously been using as a rear view mirror?
  4. 9. What did the Michael Scott Paper Company van say on the side in Korean?
  5. 11. "You pet the animals, they pet you back."
  6. 12. Gabe's middle name
  7. 13. "Tastes like _______, gets you drunk like scotch."
  8. 17. Pam's first customer as a saleswoman (_______ from the pancake luncheon)
  9. 18. Stanley told Charles Miner his soccer star "preference" was who?
  10. 19. Charles tasked Jim to get him a what of all his clients?
  11. 23. Paul Faust's company in the Scranton Business Park
  12. 24. Michael met Vikram while working at the ____________ diet pill company.
  13. 25. The fake sport Michael fell for in school
  14. 26. Andy was impressed with Erin's Mac computer. "____ _______ has this computer!" he told her.
  15. 28. Dwight handwrote his "memo for a new file system" in what substance?
  16. 29. Michael's lawyer
  17. 30. Whose desk did Dwight model his after when he became acting manager?
  18. 34. In a convo with David Wallace about promoting Jim, Michael compares Jim to which children's television character?
  19. 37. What did Dwight frame for opening Christmas presents when he was young?
  20. 40. "A canoe built around your horse"
  21. 41. "You have no idea how high I can ___."
  22. 46. Before it sold paper, Dunder Mifflin was originally a supplier of industrial _____ ________.
  23. 49. Ryan said he went to Thailand with friends from "a high school." Where did he really go?
  24. 50. According to Dwight, the German instructions for the office's copier said that the part Pam was trying to repair was either an incense dispenser or a ceremonial ___________.
  25. 54. Jan wasn't really with Michael in Jamaica, but this German lady was.
  26. 55. Local Scranton radio station the office often listens to