Dawndinos Website Crossword

  1. 3. Digital method that has recently become valuable for calculating the biomechanics of movement in animals: Computer _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  2. 4. The famous group of archosaurs, which flourished in the Jurassic-Cretaceous, that includes birds.
  3. 6. The method that allows us to measure when the muscles of experimental animals are active; switched on by the nervous system.
  4. 9. The aetosaur that the DAWNDINOS project is using; an earlier relative of Typothorax.
  5. 11. Country that the extinct crocodile-relative Gracilisuchus stipanicicorum is known from.
  6. 12. Living crocodiles can use this unusual ‘mammal-like’ mode of locomotion on land.
  7. 13. The time period during which the diversity of pseudosuchians was higher than that of ornithodirans.
  8. 15. Ancestral archosaurs had this common limb posture.
  9. 16. Biplanar fluoroscopy or ‘x-ray video’.
  10. 18. The Newtonian physics of organisms.
  11. 19. Hypothesis proposed many years ago to explain what made dinosaurs distinct from other Triassic species of archosaurs, which is being tested by the Dawndinos team (2 words)
  12. 21. Original creation that attempts to reconstruct or depict prehistoric life according to current knowledge and scientific evidence.
  13. 22. The name of the super-continent which started to break apart during the Triassic.
  14. 23. A method to digitize bones – or any other physical object – into a 3D graphical image using a set of 2D digital pictures from a camera.
  15. 24. The name of the living archosaur that the DAWNDINOS team are studying which most closely matches the anatomy and behaviour of the most recent common ancestor of birds.
  16. 25. Cousin to the Ornithodira (‘bird-necked’) archosaurs.
  1. 1. Geological period of the end of the Palaeozoic era.
  2. 2. What the "CT" in "CT scanning" stands for (2 words)
  3. 5. A pseudosuchian with a unique “crocodile-reversed” ankle joint that was suggested to move bipedally.
  4. 7. An early dinosaur that seems to have shifted from walking on four legs to two legs as it grew up from a hatching to an adult.
  5. 8. Measures the forces that the limbs apply to the ground during standing and moving.
  6. 10. An early ornithischian dinosaur with an unusual dentition composed of a beak and teeth separated by a diastema.
  7. 14. A term referring to an animal whose anatomy is adapted to support its own massive body weight.
  8. 17. The trigger of the Permo-Triassic mass extinction (2 words)
  9. 20. The DAWNDINOS project is funded by this EU council (acronym).