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  1. 2. Goods bought by manufacturers for the purpose of using them in production activities.
  2. 3. A farmer who produces only enough for his family's consumption with little left over to trade
  3. 8. your needs and wants for a charge. e.g. PMV
  4. 9. The provision of services to all other sectors and to individuals.
  5. 11. All the functions undertaken in order to satisfy human needs and wants
  6. 12. service Services provided directly by the service provider to consumer(e.g. medical services, education)
  7. 15. An amount left over once needs have been met
  8. 16. The creation of goods and services to satisfy needs and wants
  9. 18. The production stage that involves extracting resources from the natural world
  10. 19. A visual representation of a process
  11. 21. Producing goods and services to satisfy others' needs and wants
  12. 22. All activities associated with ensuring a product reaches the final customer
  1. 1. Supportive services that help people to undertake trading
  2. 4. Products that you cannot see or touch. Invisible things that
  3. 5. Services provided indirectly to consumers (e.g. consultancy and financial advisory services to business.)
  4. 6. Things that people require to enjoy their lives
  5. 7. Physical things that are essential for survival
  6. 10. Products that you can see or touch such as bread, furniture and books
  7. 12. Producing goods and services to satisfy your own needs and wants.
  8. 13. The annual total value of goods produced and services provided by a country
  9. 14. Goods purchased by people for the purpose of final consumption.
  10. 17. The production stage that involves making finished products for final consumption
  11. 20. The activity of buying and selling goods at a profit