1. 2. three-dimensional figure that has a flat surface and a curved surface, pointed the top.
  2. 5. a shape of 4 sides
  3. 7. a round plane figure with a circumference and a center point.
  4. 12. all sides of this triangle measure differently.
  5. 13. is part of a line that has a starting point but does not have an endpoint.
  6. 14. everything that occupies space.
  7. 16. lines that never cross and are always the same distance apart.
  8. 18. is a type of angle that is always larger than 90° but less than 180°.
  9. 19. collection of points that have a straight path.
  10. 20. a quadrilateral with no sides parallel.
  1. 1. is a type of triangle with at least two equal sides and two equal angles.
  2. 3. Is an angle that measures less than 90 ° and they are in figures like equilateral triangles.
  3. 4. It is a 3d shape that is considered a regular solid shape with six faces with 8 vertices and its base is a square.
  4. 6. is a triangle that has three sides of equal length or is also known as a regular triangle.
  5. 8. a plane figure with at least three straight sides and angles.
  6. 9. are angles with the same measure.
  7. 10. angle that measures exactly 90º.
  8. 11. is the point where two or more elements meet, such as lines, rays or segments.
  9. 15. is the total length or sum of all the sides of a shape, to find it on a rectangle or square, you add the lengths of all the four sides.
  10. 17. figure with four equal sides and four right angles. (Belongs to polygons because its four equal sides whose vertices form 90-degree angles)