1. 3. This branch of biology is concerned with illness in humans
  2. 7. The use of biological processes to make life better for humans
  3. 8. This scientist would be interested in how a foetus develops
  4. 9. A person who studies biological processes at the molecular level (9,9)
  5. 10. This kingdom of organisms is studied by a botanist
  6. 12. A mycologist is interested in this kingdom of organisms
  7. 13. The study of animals
  8. 14. This branch of biology is interested in how species change over many generations
  1. 1. A branch of biology an awful lot like ecology
  2. 2. This branch of biology goes on under the sea
  3. 3. This prefix means very small
  4. 4. This scientist might study how plants grow in space
  5. 5. The study and manipulation of ACGT
  6. 6. The study of ecosystems
  7. 7. This branch of biology designs devices to intergrate with or put inside living things
  8. 11. Also known as cellular biology