Phys Sci - Intro Vocab

  1. 2. _______ physics is used for planets but never for tiny atoms (also called classical physics)
  2. 5. total path taken during a trip (not the shortest path)
  3. 7. the system that is on your phone for maps that uses Einstein Theory of Relativity
  4. 8. A _______ is represented by an arrow in physics
  5. 10. the study of motion, velocity and acceleration
  6. 11. the study of heat and its effects
  7. 14. ______ physics is used for tiny atoms but never for large planets
  8. 15. A vector quantity needs to have BOTH magnitude and _______ given
  9. 16. the science of the study of matter and energy
  10. 17. the study of electricity and magnetism and how they interact with each other
  1. 1. The _____ point is the spot from which you are taking measurements
  2. 3. word that means AMOUNT in Physics
  3. 4. is measured in meters and is the shortest distance between two points A and B on a map
  4. 6. measure in meters per second and DOES need direction
  5. 9. Einstein's Theory of _________ states that the faster an object goes the slower time goes
  6. 12. _______ physics is another name for Newtonian physics
  7. 13. the study of lenses and its action on light