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  1. 2. Counselor or guide of a person.
  2. 4. That serves as a pattern, model or point of reference to measure or value things of the same species.
  3. 6. Set of people or things that have common general characteristics.
  4. 14. Action to intervene.
  5. 15. set of rules that determine the correct use of language
  6. 17. Regular quality.
  7. 19. Way of behaving or proceeding of a person.
  8. 20. promote an improvement in quality through the implementation of continuous changes in the organization.
  1. 1. What limits.
  2. 3. are all those competencies directly linked to the tasks performed by the collaborator.
  3. 5. as the union of two or more people organized in a certain way
  4. 7. Quality of diverse or varied.
  5. 8. Function that a person performs in a place or in a situation.
  6. 9. they are better at diagnosing problems
  7. 10. training aimed at developing intellectual capacity
  8. 11. Action of motivating a person.
  9. 12. he has great creativity.
  10. 13. the transmission of specific knowledge related to work
  11. 16. Person who works for another or for an institution in exchange for a salary.
  12. 18. deal between 2 people