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  1. 4. the process of taking plaintext and converting it into a format that is not human-readable
  2. 7. any potential change or disruption of a computer network.
  3. 9. Any crime committed over a connected device, such as a cellphone,
  4. 10. prevent undesirable traffic from entering into a network.
  5. 11. protected strings of characters in unique combinations that no one can easily guess.
  6. 12. Phishing is a technique used to gain personal or sensitive information from a user
  7. 13. theft the process of stealing your personal information such as your social security number or driver's license to open a bank account or apply for a credit card.
  1. 1. a user's physical characteristics.
  2. 2. protect networked systems and all of the data from unauthorized use or harm
  3. 3. software designed to harm or exploit any programmable device, service, or network.
  4. 5. insulting, harassing, or threatening anyone using the Internet via email, instant messaging, and so on.
  5. 6. the code of responsible behavior on the computer as well as on the Internet.
  6. 8. an activity that intrudes into your system or gains unauthorized access to your accounts.