1. 1. This Mughal ruler died after stumbling down the staircase from his library
  2. 4. He commissioned the creation of the most famous monument, Taj Mahal
  3. 7. He was the eleventh Mughal Emperor whose dying wish was to enthrone his elder brother
  4. 9. A great patron of arts, music and culture, he was also called Sada Rangila
  5. 10. He lacked leadership skills and was assassinated by the Sayyid brothers
  1. 2. The greatest Mughal who was very fond of literature
  2. 3. The throne name of Zahir al-Din Muhammad
  3. 5. He ruled for nearly 50 years and was also known as Alamgir
  4. 6. The grandson of Alamgir who was a successful trader before becoming a ruler
  5. 8. Qutb-ud-Din Muhammad Azam briefly ruled as an emperor, he was commonly known as