Nonprofit Technology Crossword from Raise HECK

  1. 3. Database to house all the interactions people have with your organization
  2. 6. When you provide constituents with a seamless experience whether online, in mail, phones, social media
  3. 7. Programming language that powers web pages
  4. 9. Someone who donates a large amount is a _____ donor
  5. 14. Another name for monthly recurring givers
  6. 20. What determines whether your email reaches the inbox
  7. 21. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  8. 26. Type of text that you add to an image to make it accessible to screen readers
  9. 27. Type of fundraising where people ask friends and family to donate
  10. 28. A 501(c)3 or 501(c)4
  11. 30. Type of email bounces from an out-of-the-office autoresponder
  12. 31. Subset of your supporters based on criteria you define
  13. 33. Two records in your database for the same person
  14. 35. Programming to connect databases with each other
  15. 36. When you move from one CRM to another
  16. 37. Another name for a spam trap
  17. 38. When you clean up your data
  1. 1. When your video or article is shared widely it has gone _____
  2. 2. Electronic donations from a bank account
  3. 4. When you keep your data in separate systems it's in a ____
  4. 5. Data __________
  5. 8. Type of email open you'll see due to Apple's Privacy Protection Program
  6. 10. When you have two versions of an email, which one won?
  7. 11. Programming language to control fonts, colors and layout on a web page
  8. 12. A document that outlines what changes a software company will make to its product
  9. 13. If you take online donations, you must be ___ compliant
  10. 15. When you make your web content appear high in search results
  11. 16. If you implement a new CRM, you need to manage this
  12. 17. Send email to people who are _______ with your email
  13. 18. Tool that connects your supporters with elected officials
  14. 19. Software that does just one thing
  15. 21. The array of technology your organization uses
  16. 22. It's important to make your donation pages ______-friendly
  17. 23. Type of bounce when the email doesn't exist anymore
  18. 24. When someone clicks a link in your email and answers the CTA on the form
  19. 25. unsolicited bulk email
  20. 29. Another word for an unsubscribe
  21. 32. How other organizations perform in an area of measurement
  22. 34. Coordinated set of communications over a period of time with a specific purpose