Alpha Quadrant

  1. 2. This planet has aquatic environments are generally home to considerably larger fauna, including various species of sea serpent, shark, cetaceans, and cephalopods.
  2. 3. Limited commerce has provided minor insights, though they seem to have traded most often with the Ferengi
  3. 4. They share a border with the Tholian Assembly, little is known about the relation between the two powers. Their status as allies or enemies is unknown.
  4. 6. It has a decentralized nature of the government and its society have meant that Starfleet has faced little success in attempting to improve this relationship diplomatically.
  5. 7. While these may seem to value free market enterprise, rules of commerce are embedded in every aspect of their life, both business and social.
  1. 1. Largely inactive, except for a 1-hour period every thirty days, during which its Alpha Quadrant terminus opens and connects for approximately 30-minute intervals with two apertures as shown in the chart below.
  2. 3. Echelon defines their societal role, what job they may hold, and how far they can advance within society. They are further defined within their Echelon by their job, and how well they perform it.
  3. 5. Averaging twenty light-years in width separating the Breen Confederacy and the Cardassian Union and adjacent to the Tzenkethi Coalition.