1. 1. the airport building
  2. 5. a piece of paper you must show to get on the plane
  3. 6. a board in an airport, bus terminal, etc displaying the times and destinations of future departures
  4. 8. a holiday where you sleep on a boat and travel from one place to another
  5. 10. when the plane leaves the ground
  6. 12. an unusual, exciting holiday, possibly with some danger, e.g.rock climbing or walking in the jungle: a _______ holiday
  7. 16. a description of a hotel, restaurant, etc, written by people who've been there
  8. 18. when you leave a place, at the start of a journey
  9. 19. a place where you stay
  10. 21. the large road that planes use for take-offs and landings
  11. 22. go through the area where your luggage may be checked to make sure you don’t have anything illegal: to go through _______
  12. 23. a short holiday during a weekend
  13. 24. to make a reservation using the Internet
  14. 25. see how heavy something is
  15. 26. the people on the aircraft who look after the passengers
  16. 27. a plane
  1. 2. written description of something to buy or rent
  2. 3. a holiday organized by a travel agent, with arrangements for transport, accommodation, etc.: a _______ holiday
  3. 4. the place where you collect your luggage
  4. 7. spoken information to a group of people
  5. 8. a short holiday where you visit a city
  6. 9. a specific code that an airline assigns to a particular flight in its network
  7. 11. a small hotel where breakfast is included in the price
  8. 13. a place where you plan to travel
  9. 14. when the plane arrives on the ground
  10. 15. when you have to wait longer than expected
  11. 17. pay extra for your luggage: to pay _______
  12. 20. press together the seat mounting and move the seatbelt up or down: to _______ a seatbelt
  13. 24. get on the plane