1. 4. A city abandoned after the explosion of a nuclear power plant in 1986
  2. 6. The city, famous for its cathedral visited by 14 million a year, which was destroyed by fire in 2019.
  3. 8. A mythical lost city, possibly flooded
  4. 10. A city flooded with volcanic mud in 79 AD
  5. 12. Port city in Egipt, sunken in the 2nd century BC, discovered in 2000
  6. 14. A city destroyed during the civil war and the last earthquake.
  7. 15. A capital destroyed during World War II, rebuild afterwards, now UNESCO-listed
  8. 16. The oldest sunken city in Greece
  9. 17. The city was destroyed during the war in 1992 together with the building and collections of the National Library
  1. 1. A biblical city, which, according to legend, was destroyed by a rain of brimstone and fire
  2. 2. The first city destroyed by a nuclear attack in 1945
  3. 3. A city famous for fado, destroyed during the earthquake of November 1, 1755
  4. 5. A museum town with numerous frescoes, buried in volcanic ash in 79 AD
  5. 7. The ruins of an ancient UNESCO-listed city destroyed by jihadists in 2015.
  6. 9. The city where the Atomic Bomb Museum is located, reminding of its destruction in 1945.
  7. 11. York A city whose two towers were destroyed in a terrorist attack
  8. 13. A biblical city probably destroyed by a meteorite