1. 2. Last name of American filmmaker whose movie was recently awarded the 2023 Best Actor Oscar
  2. 4. Last name of keynote speaker for Sidwell's 2023 Let Your Life Speak event
  3. 5. Last name of YouTuber who sustained bullet wounds after prank went awry
  4. 7. Number of counts on which Donald Trump was indicted for falsifying business records
  5. 8. Last name of Director of Chinese Studies and coordinator of China Folk House Program at Sidwell
  6. 9. Club advocating for inclusion of environmental service in 60-hour graduation requirement
  1. 1. Exposition ____ (the lesser-known name of the 1900 Paris World Exhibit)
  2. 3. ____ At Sidwell (the overarching theme of Sidwell's 2023 EJC Day)
  3. 6. Title of Lingling Lu's exhibit exploring intersection of visual art and music