Easter QC Connect Crossword

  1. 2. Easter Island is part of which country?
  2. 4. How many Creme Eggs are made each year?
  3. 6. In what season does Easter take place in Australia?
  4. 7. What are Easter Eggs made of?
  5. 10. What is the irish for Easter?
  6. 11. What colour is associated with Easter the most?
  7. 13. About how many chocolate bunnies are produced each year?
  8. 15. What is the name of the eggs that were decorated in jewels for royalty?
  9. 16. The first Easter eggs were dyed what color?
  10. 17. What animal is traditionally associated with Easter?
  1. 1. What celebrity was made into a chocolate bunny for the first time in 2015?
  2. 3. How many days in Lent?
  3. 5. Easter's date is determined by what?
  4. 7. In Switzerland, what animal delivers Easter eggs to kids?
  5. 8. What flower is considered an Easter symbol?
  6. 9. What is the Friday that comes before Easter Sunday called?
  7. 12. Besides bunnies, what animal is considered an Easter symbol?
  8. 14. Where did the Easter Bunny legend begin?