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2D shapes

  1. 5. a triangle with two equal sides
  2. 7. the distance from the centre to the edge of a circle
  3. 8. a quadrilateral which has only one pair of parallel sides
  4. 11. the distance from side-to-side
  5. 12. an instrument with two arms, one sharp and one with a pencil that can be used to draw circles
  6. 14. a tool used to rule straight lines and measure distances
  7. 15. a flat shape with four straight sides
  8. 18. a 2D shape made by drawing a curve that is always the same distance from a centre
  9. 21. triangle a triangle with all three sides of equal length
  1. 1. a plane closed shape (2 dimensional) with straight lines
  2. 2. a three-sided polygon
  3. 3. a triangle that has a right angle
  4. 4. an instrument used in measuring of drawing angles
  5. 6. a triangle with all sides of different lengths
  6. 9. a quadrilateral where opposite sides are equal in length and parallel
  7. 10. the distance around the edge of a circle
  8. 13. a quadrilateral which has all sides of equal length and each interial angle a right angle
  9. 16. a quadrilateral where all sides have equal length
  10. 17. a straight line going through the centre of a circle connecting two points on the circumference
  11. 19. a quadrilateral where all interior angles are 90 degrees and opposite sides are parallel and of equal length
  12. 20. a quadrilateral whose four sides cn be grouped into two pairs of equal-length sides that are adjacent to each other