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3460:480 S20 HFSD Software Development

  1. 2. Shows how you're progressing through an iteration
  2. 7. Every iteration involves .........
  3. 9. Good Developers develop, Great developers .........
  4. 12. High stakes game of estimation
  5. 14. What you should be estimating in
  6. 16. Every iteration involves .........
  7. 17. The team member you should estimate for
  1. 1. This means to evaluate processes critically and demand results from each of the practices they promote
  2. 3. No more than 15 minutes, these keep the team functioning as a team toward a common goal
  3. 4. No matter what process you pick, develop .........
  4. 5. This is a process that checks out your code, builds it, and probably runs tests
  5. 6. Every iteration involves .........
  6. 8. How you rack and stack your user stories
  7. 10. Project planning tools can help with projections and presentation of schedule, but do them in parallel with your.........
  8. 11. This is an approach where you write your tests first and refactor like mad
  9. 13. The greatest indicator of success or failure on a project
  10. 15. This is a process that tracks changes to your code and distributes them among developers