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4th cpu parts

  1. 4. the chip that performs all the calculations (hint: central processing unit)
  2. 5. printers that spray ink through nozzles onto paper
  3. 7. input device that inputs sound and converts it to data for the computer
  4. 9. a storage device that stores the software and data
  5. 10. the fastest type of printer
  6. 12. shows you information on a screen
  7. 13. output devices for words, music or sounds
  8. 15. stores data and programs in the computer
  1. 1. a pointing device you use to input data (hint: not a rat but a...)
  2. 2. records a photograph as digital code that can be input in to a computer
  3. 3. contains hardware inside it that processes data
  4. 6. what you use to type letters, numbers and symbols into the computer
  5. 8. speakers that rest on your head and cover your ears
  6. 11. input device that converts whatever it is on a page as input for the computer (hint: opposite of a printer)
  7. 14. prints the information on paper