7th Grade Crossword-Brennen

  1. 2. who has the most interceptions in the nfl this year
  2. 3. who has the most tackles in the nfl this year
  3. 6. who has the most rushing yards in the nfl
  4. 7. who is the tallest in the class
  5. 10. the first state to secede from the union.
  6. 13. cut off trading with other countries
  7. 14. who invented the cotton gin
  8. 15. who has the most passing yards in the nfl this year
  1. 1. helped many slaves escape from the South
  2. 4. who has the most sacks in the nfl this year
  3. 5. who has the most receiving yards in the nfl
  4. 8. a war between the North and the South
  5. 9. the most crucial battle and a turning point in the Civil War
  6. 11. tried to come in as the 23rd state that supported slavery
  7. 12. what state started a war with mexico
  8. 13. who is the shortest