Chemistry Vocabulary

  1. 4. this chemistry is the study of the composition of matter
  2. 6. is used for this
  3. 7. study of chemical processes that occur in living things
  4. 10. refers to the small particles that make up matter
  5. 13. concerned with properties of metals and their production and purification
  6. 17. releases energy
  7. 18. combination of philosophy and science that had both practical and mystical aspects
  8. 19. these fuels are formed by processes such as decomposition of of dead organisms
  9. 20. this chemistry is the study of macroscopic, and atomic properties, and phenomena in chemical systems
  1. 1. this chemistry is the study of chemicals that do not usually contain carbon
  2. 2. is anything that has mass and takes up space
  3. 3. refers to substances and objects that can be seen touched and measured directly
  4. 5. is the study of the composition of matter and changes that matter undergoes
  5. 8. absorbs energy
  6. 9. this chemistry is directed toward a specific practical goal or application
  7. 11. this is a reaction that either requires energy or releases energy
  8. 12. this chemistry is the study of chemicals containing carbon
  9. 14. ability to move matter or change matter
  10. 15. this stone was believed to have a substance that was capable of turning base metals like lead into gold
  11. 16. this chemistry is about having a better understanding of theories behind how
  12. 18. this man invented Dynamite/ and established the Nobel Foundation