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  1. 2. To adjust or get used to
  2. 4. A section of land that acts as a bridge
  3. 8. The Old Stone Age, also referred to as the hunting and gathering period
  4. 10. Last continent to be populated by early modern humans during the last Ice Age
  5. 11. Is made up of all the unwritten verbal accounts of events
  6. 12. Remains of early humans preserved in the ground
  7. 13. Human-made objects such as tools and jewelry
  8. 15. Prehistoric art used for communicating during the Paleolithic Era
  9. 16. The waterway between North America and Asia
  10. 17. The New Stone, also referred to as the agricultural period
  1. 1. A period of freezing
  2. 3. Scientist who study and learn about early humans
  3. 5. Humans learned to tame wild animals and plants as a food source
  4. 6. Beings that walk on two feet like modern humans
  5. 7. The continent where modern humans are believed to originate from
  6. 9. The cultivation of plants and domestication of animals to raise food
  7. 14. The act of moving from one place to settle in another