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A Coronavirus Crossword

  1. 2. ___ nosis - the process by which a disease jumps from an animal to a human host
  2. 4. Convalescent ___ is obtained from a patient who has recovered from a corona virus infection
  3. 6. The type of nucleic acid found at the centre of the coronavirus particle
  4. 7. The unit of measurement used to describe the size of a virus particle (See Diagram)
  5. 9. A stomach secretion that normally destroys the coronavirus
  6. 12. A black and white diagnostic test for pneumonia
  7. 13. to a host-cell-receptor molecule
  8. 15. The department that hires staff
  9. 16. Computer smarts that can help a doctor's diagnosis
  10. 17. A pain in the neck leading to the lungs
  11. 18. The ship-like process by which the virus particle binds to a receptor on the host cell membrane
  12. 19. The sort-after panacea that will end the coronavirus pandemic
  13. 20. One of spike glycoproteins of the coronavirus (See diagram)
  14. 24. Getting to the point - the average normal body temperature in degrees Celsius
  15. 25. The sick lung's best friend
  16. 26. One of the first explosive symptoms of coronavirus infection
  17. 29. The scientific term for the complete infectious virus particle
  18. 30. The city that first reported cases of the coronavirus
  19. 32. Shelter in place during a ___
  20. 33. The number of RNA strands found at the centre of the coronavirus
  21. 34. Antibody molecules are ___
  1. 1. One of the treatment drugs touted by President Trump
  2. 3. The scaly mammal that may have been the likely intermediate host in transmitting the coronavirus to humans
  3. 4. Disease on a global scale
  4. 5. A unit in the crown-like halo of the coronavirus (See diagram)
  5. 8. Someone that spreads a disease but is asymptomatic - shows no signs of the disease
  6. 10. The official hyphenated name of the coronavirus
  7. 11. Social ___ a healthy antisocial distance
  8. 14. Dr Robert Redford, a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, is the head of this organization
  9. 21. The number of hours in a full day of curfew
  10. 22. The likely nocturnal primary host of the coronavirus
  11. 23. The first stage in fighting an epidemic
  12. 26. The country which exported the coronavirus
  13. 27. The organ which is the site of pneumonia
  14. 28. Another disease caused by a coronavirus
  15. 30. One of President Trump's least favourite international organizations
  16. 31. Where the most serious cases of coronavirus are treated
  17. 34. The most senior British politician who contracted the coronavirus
  18. 35. The chemical symbol for a life-saving gas