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  1. 4. An extremely divisive Halloween candy. You either hate it or love it.
  2. 7. A classic oldies tune you might hear on Halloween.
  3. 10. The other color associated with Halloween.
  4. 11. Some of us pretend Halloween is the whole of this, and not just the last day of it.
  5. 12. It goes in pies and lattes.
  6. 13. Affectionately known online as a "void boi".
  7. 16. One of the top two colors associated with Halloween.
  8. 18. The King of Pop wrote this song
  9. 19. 'tis the season that Halloween happens during.
  10. 20. A spooky thing inside your own body!
  1. 1. Halloween is a good excuse to throw one of these.
  2. 2. You might watch one of these to get in a spoopy mood.
  3. 3. They're so spoopy and like to hang out inside houses and in graveyards and stuff.
  4. 5. You can win a contest with one of these.
  5. 6. The traditional carrier for your Halloween loot.
  6. 8. Our annual club Halloween party.
  7. 9. A giant candypalooza.
  8. 14. One of these may contain eye of new, toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog.
  9. 15. They vant to suck your blooood.
  10. 17. Eek! He's a killer snail on the loose!