Easter Crossword puzzle

  1. 3. In the 13th century, the church prohibited eating what during Holy Week?
  2. 8. What’s the most popular Easter candy in America?
  3. 11. What is the game called when children go looking for eggs that have been hidden
  4. 13. What do you do to hardboiled eggs before Easter?
  5. 15. In Switzerland, what animal delivers Easter eggs to kids?
  6. 16. How many jellybeans do Americans consume each Easter?
  7. 17. The first Easter eggs were dyed what color?
  8. 18. Households each spend how much on average on Easter annually?
  9. 20. Which day of the week do we celebrate Easter on?
  10. 21. What color is the Easter bunny?
  11. 22. About how many chocolate bunnies are produced each year?
  1. 1. Many people go to church on Easter Sunday. Why?
  2. 2. Only one other holiday sells more candy than Easter. Which is it?
  3. 4. Children past and present may leave out what for the Easter bunny?
  4. 5. What does the Easter bunny hide for Easter?
  5. 6. In what country did the tradition of the Easter bunny originate?
  6. 7. Where is the most popular Easter parade held each year?
  7. 9. The world record largest chocolate Easter egg was made in what city?
  8. 10. What animal leaves gifts in your Easter basket?
  9. 12. What is the most popular meat to be eaten in the United States on Easter
  10. 14. What part of the chocolate Easter bunny do most Americans eat first?
  11. 16. How many marzipan balls are traditionally on a simnel cake
  12. 19. When were Cadbury creme eggs first introduced