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Achaea #2

  1. 3. Renegade stares in vile yet effective manner.
  2. 11. A medley of Bards teach an ode to hunting game.
  3. 12. The bronze medal awarded for Polyphemian skill of sight.
  4. 14. Pack later, dinner is served initially on pious nights.
  5. 15. Mhun have Orange Juice for dessert, they say.
  6. 16. Prankish child lost hand in welding accident, Attorney-General fixed it.
  7. 18. It's just you waiting in perplexity for a tournament.
  8. 20. 1000 correct? No, it needs a ponderous reflection.
  9. 23. A bat in an elm tree. An omen of world's end?
  10. 24. As love begins in confusion, souls are lost.
  11. 25. St. Iver lost one in a terrible accident.
  12. 27. The curse of lycanthropy can make you do foolish things.
  13. 28. Are Jack's memories coming back? He's been chewing oak to increase vitality..
  1. 1. A monster said akin to Krypton in his element.
  2. 2. Weather permitting initially, rough seas require self-control.
  3. 4. Fast cats flash by in scintillating lights.
  4. 5. Alteration of grim arts Nyssa ordered.
  5. 6. She rustled up some grub to avoid husband's punishment.
  6. 7. Calm yet anal I debated in circles with tiger in Delos.
  7. 8. Cigar droppings were sun-kissed in metropolis.
  8. 9. A lone chemist overlooks one who hides in plain sight.
  9. 10. Al moved in zig-zag pattern, said to protect.
  10. 13. Confident stroller passed view of harbour inhabitant.
  11. 17. These men are confounded by salesman of great power.
  12. 19. Vigilance in some own said to regress for the sleepless.
  13. 21. Hairy-legged men sat around a pyre.
  14. 22. A race of divers suddenly found aviation attracting.
  15. 26. Sketch of lion confused Baker Anna, so she took it down from her shop.