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Achaea Cryptic 1

  1. 4. If bats turn back from you, is it perfidy?
  2. 7. It was thus done, they say, in a hidden place.
  3. 8. Event saw enemy hoodwinked to join in panda treat harvesting.
  4. 10. I quaffed a pair of rum and went for a drunken swim.
  5. 11. A tutor healed our group after the saga.
  6. 12. The retired judge was found in thought.
  7. 13. The dwarf turned and faced us to speak.
  8. 15. Found in clever prose that slowly kills you.
  9. 16. A game of words traded by Satyrs.
  10. 19. Two visitors from outer space, we hear.
  11. 20. You should retreat when Eris appears pretty.
  12. 21. "Hey baby, are you a pair of ouroboi?"
  13. 23. A diner accepted six, but purged a row, whispered voices in the garden.
  14. 25. Umbra was cast after eve, revealing a bloodthirsty mob.
  15. 27. An entrepeneur said to meet halfway in a rural inn.
  16. 29. That time when Poe was lost on an island...
  17. 30. 'e bid adieu while losing you, adding a bow prior.
  18. 32. We went at it confused, but found success in new attack lacking tact, they said.
  19. 33. Tim, I'd follow her, but she joins hedonism with no thought of salves.
  1. 1. An immense vessel was stuck around pitch.
  2. 2. He sold a tenth, but lost and began anew with tea, they say.
  3. 3. It takes a while to emit such splendid lights, we hear.
  4. 5. Small insect I squashed next to apple discard.
  5. 6. Said to aspire high, Duane could be heard from afar.
  6. 9. three novices staying temporarily.
  7. 14. Send over a long ruler to measure wealth.
  8. 16. We expected daggers, but instead found flowers.
  9. 17. A service to forgiving, he banged his gavel thus releasing four.
  10. 18. Sir, it appears the constellation has stopped working.
  11. 22. "No, it cannot -!"
  12. 24. A valiant nub ran a mile initially, but succumbed to sleep.
  13. 26. Is it a tree, or a rock? Historians say both.
  14. 28. A duo stood before great works of skill.
  15. 31. Perhaps 'e is a bit scattered with all that disappearing act.