Addition and Multiplication Crossword

  1. 2. The result of multiplying a set of numbers
  2. 5. Both addition (a + b = b + a) and multiplication (a x b =b x a)are this.
  3. 8. This mathematics tool is often used to teach addition, but is rarely used for multiplication.
  4. 10. The result of adding a set of numbers
  5. 13. What the numbers to be multiplied are called
  6. 17. Any number multiplied by this number gives the same result as the number itself
  7. 18. What the first number in a multiplication problem is called
  8. 19. A table-like arrangement representing numbers in the form of columns and rows to help solve a multiplication problem
  9. 20. a collection of distinct, well-defined objects or numbers forming a group
  1. 1. The whole number that is the focus of the Identity Law of Addition
  2. 3. This action is done with both addition and multiplication.
  3. 4. Symbols used to group math expressions in both addition and multiplication and are first to be calculated in the Order of Operations.
  4. 6. Action you use when you do a "times" math problem
  5. 7. Action you use when you do a "plus" math problem
  6. 9. What the second number in a multiplication problem is called
  7. 11. Both addition and multiplication are part of this branch of mathematics.
  8. 12. A mathematical sentence with an equal sign
  9. 14. What the numbers being added together are called
  10. 15. Word problems are sometimes called ________ problems.
  11. 16. This arithmetic tool is especially good for teaching multiplication, but can also be used to teach addition.