Agriculture CrossWord

  1. 3. study of the properties and management of soil
  2. 5. science of fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals
  3. 6. all aspects of water conservation and management
  4. 9. application of engineering principles in agricultural settings
  5. 11. science of insect life
  6. 12. management of agriculture resources
  7. 14. pest control program based on multiple-control practices
  8. 15. science dealing with characteristics of elements or simple substance
  9. 16. raising of finfish, shellfish and other aquatic animals under controlled conditions. Also the management of the aquatic environment of production of plants and animals
  10. 17. use of modern principles and practices in animal growth and management
  11. 20. use of modern modern principles in growing and managing crops
  12. 22. chemistry as it applies to living matter
  13. 23. space and mass around us
  14. 24. commercial firms that have developed with or stems out of agriculture
  1. 1. teaching and program management in agricultural
  2. 2. use of electronics and ultra modern equipment to perform tasks and control machinery and processes
  3. 4. application of science to an industrial and commercial objective
  4. 7. resources provided by nature that can replace themselves
  5. 8. all jobs relating in someway to plants, animals and renewable natural resources.
  6. 10. science of soils, and field crops
  7. 13. chemistry as it applies to living matter
  8. 18. the turfgrass plant and soil immediately below it
  9. 19. science of producing, processing and marketing fruits and vegetables
  10. 21. basic science of the plant and the animal kingdoms