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All Hail the Math Ladies!

  1. 4. When Maggie Ferris moved, this state's loss was Texas's gain
  2. 5. (two words) Mark was a nice one of these, according to Tom Hall rec letter
  3. 6. NCTM city with bright lights and $32 fried rice
  4. 8. He mysteriously disappeared from our midst in early 2011
  5. 9. ESD Math Dept is best west of this river, according to some
  6. 10. He made the careers of Hezy and Zeke, along with several of us
  7. 14. the "White Tiger" of ESD Math
  8. 17. Her favorite accessories are leather, fishnets, and Frederick
  9. 18. She was "a real superstar" teacher
  10. 19. Longtime "Queen Bee," often said to be "on the other campus"
  11. 21. 1980s Head of US, not afraid to call a spade a spade
  12. 22. a Cook Bldg original, she finished her career at Ursuline
  13. 24. Nice fellow who had the shortest non-Brette math tenure
  14. 28. ESD's biggest Florida State Seminole fan
  15. 30. our leader for three years, husband to Helen for fifty-plus
  16. 31. "It was a good year for ____ ___ ___."
  17. 32. sometimes whitey, rarely tidy, but a good board eraser in a pinch
  1. 1. She could be the long lost sister of "Fauna Neuhoff"
  2. 2. 1984 hire taken under Tom's wing
  3. 3. "___ ___ ___ will do that to you!" Tom Hall shouted publicly to Eliz Lang who was gripping her aching back
  4. 7. Nice fellow who saved our Algebra II bacon in October 2013
  5. 11. A charter Math Lady, enjoying new life in Phoenix
  6. 12. Carol Eberhart boycotted parties after receiving this gag gift.
  7. 13. Along with eagles, Mike Keyton's bird characterizations at calculator workshop
  8. 15. "PE teacher who became a math teacher"- and so much more!
  9. 16. "Are we ____ ____ yet?" Dan Boatwright query
  10. 17. Doris and Katharine sponsored this club
  11. 20. Dean Russell; "what's up, _____?"
  12. 23. She was another mid '90s ESD Math star-in-grooming
  13. 24. She taught calculus and painted Easter Eggs like no other
  14. 25. He used to polish Swann-mobiles. "Left the building" a few days after forced retirement.
  15. 26. Site of the great 2003 group NCTM roadtrip.
  16. 27. UT Math Professor and film star, he put the "old" in "old school"
  17. 29. She will this fall be the longest-tenured Math Lady