All Saints Day

  1. 4. Mother Teresa - People started calling me Mother Teresa after I founded the_____ of Charity.
  2. 6. Saint Gemma Galgani - I could see ______of Jesus and Mary.
  3. 7. Saint Lucy - I used to bring ______to the Christians who were hiding.
  4. 8. Saint Zoe - I became a ______which means I chose to give up my life for God.
  1. 1. Saint Therese - I thought of myself as Jesus’ little _____doing little things with great love.
  2. 2. Saint Jacinta - I wanted to help save as many _____as possible, so I did what the Blessed Mother asked.
  3. 3. Saint Bakhita - My life is a ______that we must work to ensure all people, especially girls, are treated with love and respect.
  4. 5. Saint Kateri - I dedicated my entire ______to Jesus.