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Amazing Race Challenge ONE

  1. 3. Name of the beach south of Avalon Beach
  2. 5. TV show which almost relocated to Avalon in the 1990s
  3. 9. Federal voting electorate of the area
  4. 10. The logo for the Avalon Soccer Club contains which animal
  5. 11. Avalon's community group is call the Avalon WHAT Association
  6. 12. Postcode of Avalon Beach ends in this number
  7. 13. Bilgola was once known as "Mad Mick's WHAT"
  8. 15. The B-Line will take place during peak hour for which bus service
  1. 1. St Michael's WHAT can be found north of Avalon Beach
  2. 2. State voting electorate of the area
  3. 3. The eastern most point in Sydney is located at this headland
  4. 4. Name of the beach west of Avalon Beach
  5. 6. This place name derives from the aboriginal word "little kangaroo"
  6. 7. Local federal member of parliament (last name)
  7. 8. Suburb where the new B-Line is proposed to terminate
  8. 14. Name of the beach north of Avalon Beach