Amber's Math Project

  1. 5. ____’s conjecture, a statement about the most efficient arrangement for pack spheres.
  2. 6. Responsible for framing the skeleton of geometry that has been used for over 2000 years by the Western World.
  3. 8. Ceulen Spent a Major part of his life calculating the numerical value of the mathematical constant value using pi
  4. 9. In number theory, he conjected the quadratic reciprocity.
  5. 10. Responsible for advancing the study of the trigonometric series.
  6. 12. Know for a theorem involving right angle triangles.
  7. 13. Work on mathematical biology, specifically morphogenesis.
  8. 15. Introduced symbols for “is less than” and “is greater than”
  9. 16. _____ in the Conics further development a method that is so similar to analytic geometry.
  10. 20. Worked in the fields of differential equations and Algebraic logic. Also is the author of The Laws of Thought
  11. 23. Often referred to as the “Father of acoustics”.
  12. 24. _____’s dissertation, a line geometry and it’s application to mechanics.
  1. 1. Only Mathematician to have two numbers named after them.
  2. 2. known for contributions to abstract algebra along with theoretical physics.
  3. 3. Made significant advancements in the field of calculus variations.
  4. 4. Developed analytic geometry, uses algebra to describe geometry.
  5. 7. Made fundamental contributions to elliptic functions and number theory, along with other areas.
  6. 11. has the most concepts and theorems named after them.
  7. 12. Substantially contributed to mathematics by advancing the study of trigonometry.
  8. 14. A mathematician who worked in fields like number theory and algebra, sometimes referred to as Princeps Mathematicorum.
  9. 17. Widely credited with being the first computer programer.
  10. 18. _____’s method for approximating the roots of a function.
  11. 19. _____ was the first person known to have evaluated the integral of general power functions.
  12. 21. Invented mechanical calculator and the hydraulic press.
  13. 22. Newmann First to rigorously establish mathematical framework for quantum mechanics.